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Are you trying to veer away from the batch cooking that we all know so well - lasagne, chilli, chicken &leek/carrot/mushroom pie and the inevitable and much loved fishcakes?

Well, look no further, I will have new recipes, weekly from various Instagram Foodie Angels - my gorgeous sister (follow her right now @lucyhoylecooks) makes delicious everything and keeps you up to date on her bloody marvellous Insta grid ; Liza Watson (follow her immediately @theangelicgirlfriday) I have know Liza and her awesome family since I was a baby, she has always been epic with food - follow her instagram for her words du jour and her creative, nutritious, delicious recipes and her absolute love of purple.

These two gorgeous girls and others will be contributing to my BLOG to keep us from drowning in an enamel dish of mince based batch cooked frozen dishes! They will no doubt be wearing their Ketteleykit while cooking (wink wink, nudge nudge)!



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